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A Target Series - Disability and Rehab (Swelling)

Service Description

In order to access this seminar, you are required to have taken the Newcomer pre-requisite seminar and must be a current member in good standing. Schedule is made to you available once you are a member. The Disability and Rehabilitation Series (Swelling) seminar focuses on providing you with a better understanding of how internal swelling can be tackled with induced hypertrophy techniques, muscle tension reduction techniques and movement pattern induction. Although swelling occurs to protect an injury, long lasting swelling can sometimes cause more problems down the road. Again a reminder that we are not providing health care, simply ways to get your body moving. Please consult with your health care practitioner or rehabilitation provider prior to trying these taught techniques. This seminar is a safe space, privacy will be respected and if preferred you can remain anonymous. This seminar is part of the member-only offerings and there is no cost to register. Simply sign up and join in from the link you will be emailed. Reminder : There are so many diverse specialties and much need for some practice sessions that it is easiest to offer those under an open-access membership. As long as you maintain a membership (monthly or annually) you can then sign up at no extra cost to any of the non-newcomer seminars that get scheduled to help you continue your exploration.

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