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The Superpowers Series

Launching our digital books in 2024 to share new human abilities to the World.

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The Newcomer Series dives into the science behind these abilities. You learn what anatomical parts are in play and how to turn on, navigate, utilize and stop the neural commands inside of the body. This is your pre-requisite guide and will be FREE.

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The Strength Series focuses on physical performance enhancements. We give you a better understanding of which cheat codes add tone, resistance and motor recruitment assistance to reconfigure and maximize strength, muscular endurance and force output.

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The Speed and Stability Series focuses on enhancing movement velocity, power with peak force, power with peak velocity and muscular stabilization. These cheat codes increase the speed & rate of lengthening, reduce tone and maximize stabilizer motor recruitment.

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The Elasticity and Injury Series dives into the instantaneous enhancement of passive and active range of motion for increased flexibility and mobility. You'll learn cheat codes that help shift limitations in body alignment and that aim to prevent injury during exertion.

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The Muscle Density and Size Series focuses on instantaneous muscular hypertrophy for on demand muscle pump or muscle density. You will also learn cheat codes that aim to take away size and density to relax muscles, remove tension pains or reduce muscular rigidity.

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The Sexual Health and Performance Series focuses on the control of involuntary functions and muscular enhancements to achieve, enjoy and maintain longer and stronger climaxes. You'll learn cheat codes for the pains and pressures of hormonal responses.
*We suggest both this series and the Blood Flow Manipulation series in order to try to tackle such things as male erectile dysfunctions and/or female sexual dysfunctions.*

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The Blood Flow Manipulation Series dives into the ability to shift the vasculature volumes that flow inside of a contracted muscle (vasoconstriction, vasodilation or limited flow). These cheat codes can alter blood pressure in the area, limit fluid flow to wounds or injuries, induce thermoregulation, reduce fluid build up that causes inflammation & swelling and/or fluctuate the oxygenation of regions to help with blood plasma benefits.

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The Organ, Pain and Pathogen Series focuses on the interruption or aid of organ functions, pain responses and immune activity. These cheat codes can help the body's digestive system; including issues related to urinary and bowel functions, heart and lung pressure relief, pathogen intervention and reducing the intensity of pain stimuli.
*We suggest both this series and the Blood Flow Manipulation series in order to try to tackle IBS, metabolism support, bloating, histamine responses and organ circulation.*

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The Neurological Interventions Series dives into the possible interventions of movement disorders (involuntary movements & tone), of muscular conditions (absent & low density or size) and in helping the rehabilitation process of paralysis in ways never before seen. 
*We suggest both this series and the Multiple Command Convergence Series in order to try to use forced involuntary motions to help Ataxia, Dyspraxia or stuck limb movement.*

The Multiple Command Convergence Series focuses on the combinations of cheat codes to create unique neural commands. We also introduce a new set of cheat codes that alter the neural activation of movement control and fluidity. These abilities force the contracted muscle to move or remain in directional involuntary motions or positions (which can assist a goal-oriented movement/action or try to counter a neurological condition).

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